Bushwalk 2020 – May 3

So a few days ago Mum said why don’t we go for a walk on my birthday? Little did I know what she had in mind was a bushwalk LOL very happy it was colder this morning and I wore full length leggings! We started out on the trail that runs beside Tuckers Rock Road in Repton then got onto the Oval Trail followed by Groundsel Trail then Mylestom Trail.

After making a few wrong turns and attempting to get ourselves lost (thank god for GPS!! haha) we finished on Rutile Trail and passed through North Beach Caravan Park before making our way to Mylestom Store. Sadly the store was closed today being Sunday and we were unable to finish off with a coffee. The walk took us a little over two hours and though wasn’t what I was expecting we had a blast with lots of love and stops for photos along the way, and I wouldn’t have changed it even if I knew in advance.

I have a wild love of tree stumps, I find them endlessly fascinating….so there are a lot here! Mum took me past where a cultural burn has taken place – it is interesting to see how the ground debris can be burned off without any harm to the trees and other vegetation.

Not too sure I’d want to tackle this walk again too soon but I won’t rule it out lol

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