Sawtell Headland On Dusk

So after reading this article on how to take sunset photos I decided to have my son take me up to the Sawtell Headland to have a play with settings and such. Most of my shots sadly came out blurry and crappy lol so I think I need to use a tripod to keep the camera steady….fortunately I have one but….well….it’s covered in a layer of dust! EEK haha

Suffice to say it’s getting a shower!

These three images were taken in the same direction but I used different settings to compare how the camera differs with the settings.. 1.Full Auto – 2. Landscape Mode – 3. Av (Aperture Priority) F16 and ISO 100

This last photo was the only other photo that came out halfway decent! Again, Av (Aperture Priority) F16 and ISO 100. I also set them to make RAW files so I may see if they can be salvaged in lightroom.

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