Photoshop Tip: How To Save Styles

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So you’ve created some awesome styles and don’t know how to save them? Here is how I save mine….I use CS3 and that’s what I created the screenshots for this short tut in but I daresay it’ll be similar if not the same for most versions.

Once you have your style how you want it, click on the New Style button….if you’ve already applied your style and hit OK you can bring this screen up by double clicking where it says Effects in the Layers palette.

Type what you want to call your style and click OK

To save it click the tiny little area with the down arrow and 3 lines on your styles palette, then select Preset Manager

In Preset Manager if you have more than one style you want to save in a set, hold down your Ctrl key on the keyboard and click each style to select, then click on Save Set…

Browse to where you want to save your set, give it a name….click Save….and you’re done 🙂

Hope that helps others out there who wanted to know how to save styles.

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