Paleo Sandwich Bread

After whipping up a bunch of paleo goodies yesterday I decided it was time to make some more bread. I have previously tried a Nut and Seed bread as well as another version of paleo bread. This time I wanted to try and make something more sandwich friendly. I also wanted to try some new local honey I purchased from my local service station (delicious BTW!). Bonville Pure Honey and Creamed Honey.

I found a recipe from Paleo Running Momma and set about gathering my ingredients. I used an LSA mix as I didn’t have just flax on it’s own, and I whipped the egg whites separately till they were nice and fluffy….I folded this in last.

I think by the nature of the ingredients we need to use for paleo versions it will never be just the same as “regular” white bread and always somewhat dense but it came out so tasty and good nonetheless!

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