New iPhone 11 Pro

So a couple of weeks ago I upgraded from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 Pro. After looking at the differences between the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, I settled on the Pro as I wanted the telephoto lens….but I have small hands so the Max is just too big for me.

I have been keen to get out and test out the photo capabilities and today it’s nice and warm for the last day of winter so I took my beast for a drive out to Mylestom Beach. I’ve been to the river section but not the beach and really needed to dig my feet into the sand and reconnect with nature… this morning’s trip ticked all the boxes lol

These first two photos were taken with both the “normal” view and 2x zoom, as steady as I could hold the phone!

These three were my favourites, I particularly love the frothy water against the sand.

These are the rest that I took. I find the quality is very much improved from my previous iPhone – on zooming in the 8 used to get quite blurry which could be frustrating. And while it’s never going to be as good as my Canon, I’m very happy to be able to take much better photos with my phone now as I don’t always take the Canon.

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