Jetty Foreshores – June 6th 2016

Today has dawned nice and sunny and so the cleanup from the weekend weather begins. Since I am not working today I wanted to take my camera and the long distance lens to get some different shots. I especially wanted to get the jetty wharf from the perspective of the south breakwall but that was not to be today lol the ocean is still quite fierce and although the breakwall gate was not closed there was a fair bit of water coming over it and I didn’t fancy getting soaked! Another day for that one 😛

I didn’t go all the way out to the breakwall yesterday due to both the amount of people stickybeaking just like me and the big waves and so didn’t see how much damage the fence sustained, that was susprising though it shouldn’t have been… I chose not to take any photos of the damage sustained to the marina and boats, many of the owners live on their boats as well as make a living with them. They have suffered devastating losses and I felt it wasn’t right to photograph that for display on my site.

This post has been copied from my old website that I shut down a year or so ago when life got busy and I didn’t have the motivation to continue with it. Unfortunately due to a hard drive crash I lost the original sized images for many of my photos and only have the smaller watermarked images from the server backup. However I think the images are still worth being displayed, so here they are!

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