Bonville Cars and Coffee

Today I attended one of our local car meets, Bonville Cars and Coffee. This meet is conducted monthly at Bonville Service Station and attracts many local classic vehicle owners. The meet is organised by our local amazing car club, Advanced Motoring Club Coffs Harbour which is the best car club I have ever been a part of. The club welcomes owners and enthusiasts of all car types, is family friendly and non judgemental and I am proud to be a member.

It’s been a while since I have attended a car meet, both due to covid restrictions, and work/family commitments and it was really nice to have a catch up today.

My car is a Cosmo purple VY SS V8 that I love to bits…..even though it’s not one of the awesome classics, it’s still my baby lol I have just had her cammed a couple of days ago after having an OTR and tune 4 years ago. I am ridiculously proud of my car.

Anyway….first up I had to take a photo of this tree against the sky, the sun shining on it made a for a vibrant contrast that sadly does not show like my eyes saw it. All these photos were taken with my iPhone 11.

These are the photos of the cars and people, I have blurred the visible license plates for privacy reasons. It was a gorgeous morning with great company and awesome cars! The Rural Fire Service boys provided yummy bacon and egg rolls for $5, my husband and I had one each to lend our support.

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