2016 Flood Aftermath

Yesterday we had a weather event move through Coffs harbour, we were lashed with torrential downpours and wild winds. This was the result of an “East Coast Low” that affected the entire NSW East Coast. Combined with a king high tide a little before 8pm last night and we had a fair amount of flooding around the region.

This was our backyard at the peak of the high tide.

Last time this happened for us was the 2009 floods where the water level reached the top of our back fence lol, apparently along with almost every other resident LOL, I decided to take a drive this morning to get some photos, I knew the ocean would be magnificent! I got some nice photos but still couldn’t manage to do it justice 😀

These photos were taken at Sawtell Headland, Gallows Beach and at the Jetty.

This post has been copied from my old website that I shut down a year or so ago when life got busy and I didn’t have the motivation to continue with it. Unfortunately due to a hard drive crash I lost the original sized images for many of my photos and only have the smaller watermarked images from the server backup. However I think the images are still worth being displayed, so here they are!

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