About Me

I bought my first “real” camera in 2011, a Canon EOS 1000D. I love to take photos of close up objects, interesting textures and interesting angles. Among other things. I’ve always been the family shutterbug and have a keen interest in photography. I haven’t undertaken any courses as yet, surprisingly for the area I live in (Coffs Harbour) there haven’t been any available since I last checked. I have been focused on other projects for a couple of years and haven’t taken the time to explore for beautiful places to take more photographs – something I intend to rectify! All photos posted on this website exept those in the Lightroom Edits category are unedited, I haven’t applied any filters etc unless otherwise noted. I am very much an amateur hobbyist.

I decided to create this site to share my images as I truly believe despite my inexperience I have managed to take some beautiful shots. I hope my visitors agree and enjoy looking at them. A little bit about my history… Not long after I bought my first computer back in 2004 I discovered Talkcity (a chat server with a forum base that closed down several years ago) and from there started using Paint Shop Pro to make forum signature graphics. This lead to making digital scrapbooking supplies or scraps as we called them back then.

Something I loved doing but don’t really have the creative flair and commitment needed to make that a full time occupation. In the process of offering my creations on my own blog I started learning HTML and quickly discovered a love of web design. One of my favourite “me quotes” was to say I know just enough PHP knowledge to be dangerous. I became quite proficient at learning how to fix what I’d broken LOL

Unfortunately sitting at the computer for long periods was detrimental to my health, I started experiencing many more migraines than normal, eye strain, wrist strain and because I have a twisted pelvis my back would stiffen up quite badly and ache ferociously. I also became somewhat of a monster to my children. Concentrating on coding and design + kids don’t mix very well. So with all that happening I made the very tough decision to close down my blog, my web design and the forum I also owned and maintained at the time in order to better focus on my life off the internet.

I changed doctors and finally received a diagnosis for the chronic back pain that had plagued me for over twenty years since an accident in my late teens – the twisted pelvis I mentioned earlier. I started rehabilitation which improved it so much that I was almost pain free for the first time since I could remember. From once being in so much pain I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, I was able to go back to work as a housekeeper at Opal Cove Resort. Which still blows my mind sometimes when I think about it lol I still have pain, it’s just no longer crippling pain and much more easily managed. But I miss doing web design. I miss doing graphics design. And I have always loved photography.

So here I am. Back with a website on the internet and dipping my toes back in. Organising and creating this website has reminded me why I can’t go back to doing it full time. But little bits at a time is manageable. And I hope my visitors enjoy what I have created and what I offer. That makes it worth it too 🙂